Our feature product, the basic espadrille, consists of rubber outsole, that withstands the rigors of harsh weather conditions. The outside is made with durable canvas, that is sturdy yet delicate to the touch. The fine canvas is exceptionally susceptible to everyday wear and tear and allows for a soft, gentle and comfortable fit. The espadrille provides excellent warmth and comfort during cold winter days. Yet their elegant style also make them an sober choice for breezy summer days. You can choose from a diverse array of canvas colors. You can also customize the basis espadrille as you wish. Just tell us how.

We have recently begun a special feature on the basic espadrille, We can decorate the canvas with laces, beads, mirrors, embroidery, etc. Choose from a variety of designs or make your own design……

Basically these are the basic espadrilles but can wear with fashoinable dresses. Basic fashion espadrilles process all the qualities of basic espadrilles i.e comfort, warmth and smooth use. Just order with you own designor choose from the exiting galary…..

Leather Espadrille is basically made with various sorts of leathers according to the buyers requirements. This shoe is durable, comfortable and yet delicate to touch. This shoe is suitable for every season. You can customize the leather espadrille as you wish.

Fashion Leather Espadrille possesses all qualities of the leather espadrille and has added style which is pleasing to the eye. Each shoe has its own unique style. This shoe provides the same comfort and durability as the espadrille. They can also be customized as you wish.